summer weight loss plan

summer weight loss plan
summer weight loss plan

summer weight loss plan: If you want to reduce your weight, or want to bring the body to the right size. So it’s a perfect fit for summer. Summertime has come and you do not have to do dieting to look fit in this season.let’s start losing weight this summer.

summer weight loss plan


summer weight loss plan
summer weight loss plan

Quick tips on summer weight lose a plane:

  1. You prefer to eat lightly during the summer season.
  2. Take more water and liquid.
  3. The body calories burn through sweating.
  4. It is easy to control food.


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It is easier to lose weight in the summer compared to winter. People’s eating habits change automatically this season, as well as more exercise can be done in this season. You do not eat much due to the slowing of the body’s work during this season. Also, due to excessive heat, you take fluid like water, juice, etc., which remove the impure substances from the body.

  • The easiest way to lose weight in summer is to eat frequently and in small amounts instead of eating food at a time. Share all your day’s meals according to breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner.

• Start your day in summer by adding honey in light warm water and drinking it. Those who drink tea can take a biscuit with a cup of tea and take two or three walnuts or almonds.

• After two hours of taking morning tea in the summer, you can take salad or fruit.

In the summer lunch, you can have two chapatis, a bowl of lentils and green vegetables. In the evening breakfast, take tea and Idli, Dhokla or roasted gram.

• Summer soup, chapati, and vegetables should be taken at the dinner. You can take a glass of milk before sleeping.

  • In summer, avoid eating homemade cheese like samosa, kachori, and beetroot, fried, high-fat content of milk, sugars and sweet foods should be avoided.

• In the summer, try to add whole grains, leafy vegetables, whole pulses, salads, chicken or fish to your diet. Red meat should not be eaten in summer.

  • To keep calories in summer it is necessary to take fruit. It is better to take watermelon and sweet lemons. Fruit should be eaten 40 minutes or two hours after the meal. Avoid drinking fruit juice if you want to lose weight.

• Take the maximum number of liquid diets in the summer, reduce the intake of tea in the summer and drink more and more water.

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