Exercise – The Small Step Towards Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight, consider implementing a cardio workout regime to your physical routine. Cardio exercises help burn the calories and fat that ultimately leads to weight loss and weight maintenance.

However, many people are in misconception about workouts and prefer not to partake in one. But combining a healthy diet with regular cardiovascular exercises is the best way to lose weight in a fast and effective manner.

Keep it in mind though that a cardiovascular workout should be practiced consistently for results. It should also not be a forced decision but something that you should enjoy doing.

So, how does one integrate a cardio plan to their weight loss journey?

We get asked this question often and we always advise the interested individuals to assess the time they can dedicate to their workouts. They should also take a look at their physical abilities and keep in mind the exercises they can or wish to do. And of course, the final goals or the result they are striving for.

If for you the biggest hindrance is finding the time for exercise then we suggest investing in an elliptical trainer. Also called the stationary exercise machine, the elliptical trainer increases the heart rate and burns calories in a short timeframe.

The elliptical trainer simulates the walking or running motion but exerts less pressure on the joints. It also reduces the risk of injuries, especially for arthritis patients who can use the machine with ease as well. In an elliptical trainer, the user can make modifications to the level of intensity according to their stamina level. If you are starting out though, you will only be able to manage a couple of minutes at a time. However, the duration will increase with each session if consistency is maintained.

Other Activities You Can Do

If you have more time for workout and are interested in other types of workout, then give aerobics, boxing, kickboxing, and swimming a try. Walking and jogging are also beneficial and convenient mode of exercise that can be implemented without any equipment or gym membership.

Simply put, it is important that you choose a physical activity that not only fits well into your daily schedule but also something that you enjoy. The exercises should not be part of your daily routine when you are trying to lose weight but should remain as part of your lifestyle.

If the same exercise routine gets tedious, you can switch them around a little for variety. For example, if you go out for a walk every day, try changing your route or the park.

On the other hand, if you are someone who feels they are not up for a regular workout or tires easily, initiate with something small and increase the duration gradually. Giving a mere five to ten minutes of your day to physical activity can do wonders. And as they say, ‘something is better than nothing.’

Hence, even a run around the room during a TV commercial or taking the stairs instead of the elevator can help build the way for an effective workout routine.

Give it a try and let us know the results of including physical activity to your weight loss plan.

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